Respa Harmony 2000

Harmony 2000 mattress

Product Description

Exquisite style and chic design go hand in hand with traditional pockt springs, luxury fabrics, and plush fillings in the beautiful Serenity collection from respa.

Wake Up Refreshed.

The serenity collection features Purotex smart sleeping surfaces. Purotex which is 100% natural and full of friendly bacteria ensuring the mattress remains fresh, hygienic, and dust mite free, helping the many sufferers of allergies, intolerance, and sensitivities.

Forget waking up During the night too hot or too cold.

A Balanced sleeping temperature can keep you comfortable so you sleep more soundly. Respa Serenity collection is treated with adaptive. Adaptive enables fabric to respond dynamically to changes in temperature, as your body increases in temperature the adaptive reacts to evaporate and moisture humidity in your mattress which keeps you cool, comfortable, and dry.

Undisturbed Sleep.

Serenity’s Construction helps prevent Roll-Off regardless of body shape, size, or sleeping position. The mattress is foam encased to strengthen the mattress edge and to create an edge to edge sleeping surface.

2000 RespaForm pocket springs.

Foam Encapsulated mattress with an upholstered layer comprising of of Respa Cool Cell foam for temperature regulating comfort.

Purotex anti allergen control and adaptive cool and dry covering.

100% polyester luxurious soft knit fabric with a micro quilt pattern in a wave pattern finish.

Base Sold Separately.